Rania Georgies

Rania’s path to architecture emerged from her passion for color, drawings, crafts, and visual arts. Her fascination for reconfiguring spaces to create new experiences and playing a role in environmental transformations guided her to the University of Aleppo – Syria for her bachelor’s degree in architecture followed by post-graduate studies in Syria, Germany, and Italy. Rania relishes the ongoing learning and problem-solving inherent in architectural work. Creating spaces where people live, work, learn, and play provides a powerful source of motivation for her each day. In her leisure time, she likes to paint and travel and is inspired by visiting historically rich and structurally important architectural landmarks around the world. She also takes great pleasure in preparing delicious meals using a blend of new and traditional ingredients. Like architecture, her cooking explores creativity, design, and attention to detail and is an opportunity to create an experience that engages the senses and enriches people's lives.