Bob Hope Theater Rotunda

Bob Hope Theater Renovation

Dating back to the 1900s, The Fox Theater represents a glamorous past full of movie premieres and theater opulence. However, the transitions in use over the years left it in various stages of disrepair. Sold to the City of Stockton for one dollar in 2022, there was interest to return it to its former glory. WMB partnered with a historic preservation architect to guide this ambitious revitalization effort.

The Moorish-style building required significant renovations to make it a viable 21st-century theater. The team gutted numerous building areas to address the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials and readdress the planning to meet modern accessibility standards. From structural improvements to the stage loft and gridiron and the replacement of rigging to new theatrical lighting and audio systems, the infrastructure underwent a complete overhaul. Working with a group of skilled artisans and restoration contractors, the design team revived signature details to breathe new life into the historic gems of the building. The list of notable features that contribute to the beauty, warmth, and richness of this restoration includes decorative plaster, recreated carpet patterns and decorative light fixtures, replicated seating, preserved quarry tile flooring, painted murals, column and wall motifs, crests, gold leafing, and a large marble mosaic public art installation on the lobby floor.

The theater regained its position as a city jewel, and the project efforts received a 2005 California Preservation Foundation Design Award. On the National Register of Historic Places, the project is more than a theater restoration; it supports the ongoing revitalization efforts for the City of Stockton and has reinvigorated downtown nightlife.


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