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Adaptive Reuse Classroom Building

A top-notch K-12 International Baccalaureate school deserves an inspired learning environment. Two existing buildings on a prime downtown Stockton street corner provided the perfect urban location for this forward-thinking educational institution. A thoughtful adaptive reuse initiative was needed to transform a single-story, early 1900s post office and a two-story, 60s-era bank into one cohesive structure inside and out.

A blonde exterior brick that reflects the surrounding architecture is complemented by a playful banding pattern and wrapped with text. The word Collegiate brands the building with a subtle reference to the high school activities within. From the strategic location of the art room and a palette of light colors to the installation of Solatube® systems, the team creatively maximized daylighting. The inspired, light-infused interior features a super graphic on the stairwell wall, an OSB plywood floor in the art room, a whiteboard coating on classroom walls, and an original bank vault repurposed for a private conference room.

Not only does the environment support the advanced learning inside of this nationally ranked school, but it also re-energizes the city streets with youth and vibrant activity.


Stockton Collegiate International Schools


Stockton, California

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16,600 sf



Architectural Design

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Interior Design

Existing Facility Evaluation

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Stockton Collegiate International Schools

Stockton Collegiate Exterior Before
Stockton Collegiate Exterior After
Stockton Collegiate Art
A top-notch K-12 International Baccalaureate school deserves an inspired learning environment.
Stockton Collegiate International Schools Vault
Stockton Collegiate Stair
Photographer Credit: Vance Fox Photography